• Jonathon Heeley

Why Is Dance So Important For Children's Development?

We all know that kids love to be active and have fun. Dance provides children with a range of benefits which we are exploring below.


One of the big reasons parents love sending their kids to dance is physical development. Children staying healthy and active is a main focus when parents choose to enrol their child in dance but there is so much. Dance can go along way to helping students gross & fine motor skills and developing coordination. Without knowing it students start to improve their strength, stamina, balance, flexibility and will help reduce injury which all of these points help children grown into strong young adults.


Students making friends and enjoying themselves is what parents love to see. Dance is very much a team activity and helps students understand working together to achieve an outcome such as a performance. Dance really encourages students to show kindness towards each other in a team environment and support each other to grow as young performers. Friends that dance together stay together, this is very true. Dance helps students create life long friendships in place where every student feels like they belong.


We see alot of students walk into dance classes that start off very shy and by the end of the year parents come to watch their child on stage find their confidence hard to believe. Dance helps students build confidence by not only going on stage and performing but by students getting excited to show their parents and friends what they have learnt in class. Every step to build a child's confidence is important no matter how small, students master a new step and with this little achievement the student build confidence in themselves and their abilities which really helps them as they develop.


Commitment, both short and long term, is often a difficult concept for children to grasp. Dance is an activity that requires you to commit to your learning to be able to see improvements. Of course, small improvements will occur every lesson but the larger improvements, the ones that make you a better dancer, those happen when commitment to attendance, learning and practice is present. Commitment is life skill that everyone needs to be successful as an adult, by students being able to learn this at a young age really sets them up for a bright future.

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